We work with community leaders to champion ideas that make Calgary better


Petition: UCP must scrap plans for municipal political parties

Premier Danielle Smith and Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver must support local democratic representation and scrap plans to introduce partisan political parties into municipal elections.

Petition: Tell Council to Support Calgary's Housing Strategy

Calgary's Housing Strategy is at risk of being blocked. Council needs to hear from the majority of Calgarians who support building more housing. 

Take Action: 2024 City Budget Adjustments


Beginning on November 7th, Calgary City Council will set budget adjustments to the current four year plan. Unfortunately, the same Councillor who spearheaded $831-million in public subsidies to build a new arena for billionaires is now pushing austerity measures for everyday citizens. Others may push for subsidizing costly interchanges and infrastructure for far-flung future sprawl developments. We can’t let that happen.

Petition: Save 3rd Ave South downtown cycle track


A behind closed door “senior leadership decision” has been made to rip out the successful 3rd Ave South cycle track this fall.

Petition: City must scrap the arena deal and engage Calgarians on best use of $1.2-billion


Danielle Smith asked Calgarians to “say YES” to her arena deal and give her a "clear mandate to proceed" by voting UCP as the centrepiece of her election platform in Calgary. But Calgarians denied Smith that mandate. 


Petition: City Council must ban gas powered leaf blowers in Calgary


Calgary City Council must make good on their Climate Emergency declaration and take immediate action on banning this obnoxious source of excessive noise and air pollution that is completely avoidable and within our control as a city.

Petition: The Alberta Government must implement effective public health measures to protect Albertans against the Omicron variant


While governments around the world and across Canada are stepping up vaccine booster programs for all adults and tighter public health measures, Jason Kenney and the UCP are loosening restrictions for anti-vaxxers to gather indoors over the holidays.

Petition: Sean Chu must resign


Chu must resign before the new Council is sworn in on October 25 so that Ward 4 voters can vote in a by-election with full knowledge of Chu’s record. 

Pledge: Vote for City Council candidates that support responsible public health measures against COVID-19


As a result of the failure of Alberta’s Government, Alberta has the second-lowest rate of full COVID vaccination among Canadian provinces. Meanwhile, the preventable fourth wave of the pandemic is surging through the province filling hospitals, ICUs, with COVID patients forcing the cancellation of surgeries and cancer treatments across the province. Help us elect a mayor and city council that support responsible public health measures against COVID-19.

Petition: The Alberta Government must bring back basic public health safety measures to protect against a 4th COVID wave in Alberta


The Alberta Government is putting thousands of lives at risk with plans to dismantle the most basic protections and defences against COVID-19 in Alberta this August including the requirement for individuals who test positive for COVID to isolate, routine contact tracing and mass testing facilities.

Petition: City Council must cancel the $290-million subsidy to the over-budget arena and engage Calgarians


The $290-million new arena is officially over budget before even breaking ground on construction. Now the billionaire Flames owners are asking for $70-million and more free land from the city. City Council must give Calgarians a say about whether to spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars on subsidizing the Flames owners’ over-budget arena. 

Petition: City Council must support the Guidebook for Great Communities, better planning and reinvestment in established neighbourhoods


Established communities continue to hollow out while the City sends taxpayer funds to build world class infrastructure and amenities in new communities. The Guidebook for Great Communities supports the necessary community planning work needed to build more complete neighbourhoods and stop the flow of investment out of established communities.

Petition: The Alberta Government must stop blocking the national COVIDAlert contact tracing app


The Alberta Government is easing COVID-19 restrictions amidst the sharp rise of new, more contagious variants of the virus in Alberta without a secure or reliable contact tracing app.

Petition: City Council must vote for safer neighbourhood streets

City Council can choose to make our neighbourhood streets safer by going to 40km/h or they can accept more deaths, injuries, and costs to society while we delay a decision. 

YYC4Transit: Defend the Green Line

The Green Line is under attack again by the same wealthy special interest group. Now the Alberta Government is delaying the promised provincial funding, costing Calgary delays, 20,000 jobs and $10’s of millions in extra costs.

Petition: City Council Must Say No to Subsidizing 11 More New Communities

Calgary taxpayers cannot afford to be on the hook for another $23 million annual subsidy, the equivalent of a 1.5% tax increase, to build 11 more new communities when we already have spiralling costs on a record 41 new communities in development and a 'dangerously' saturated housing market.

Defund2Fund: Reallocate the Calgary Police Service Budget and Reinvest in Our Communities Now

The Defund2Fund Coaltion is seeking a reduction to the CPS budget, to be reallocated throughout our communities, to rebuild trust, and to rectify systemic barriers in the financial capacity of Black, Indigenous, other racialized communities and  2SLGBTQ+ people.

Petition: Councillor Magliocca Must Resign

We've heard Councillor Magliocca apologize for misuse of taxpayers money before. Council sanctions are not enough. Ethics re-training and refreshers are not enough. Councillor Magliocca must resign.

YYC4Transit: It’s time to show our support for the Green Line

An anti-transit special interest group is trying to kill the Green Line. It's time for those of us who support, use, and need transit and the Green Line to stand together and make our voices heard.

Petition: Calgary needs more open streets to keep safe and healthy during the covid-19 pandemic

Show your support for the City of Calgary making more space for people walking, running, and cycling by signing this petition.

Petition: To flatten the curve, the province must provide Albertans experiencing homelessness with hotel rooms to self isolate

We call on the Government of Alberta to house Albertans experiencing homelessnes in otherwise empty hotels during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Petition: The Calgary Flames Owners Must Pay Their Workers

We call on the billionaire Flames owners, who have recently received nearly $300 million in public dollars, to do the right thing and pay their workers during the coronavirus pandemic like other NHL teams.