PETITION: The Alberta Government must implement effective public health measures to protect Albertans against the Omicron variant

The Alberta Government closed rapid-flow immunization clinics in Edmonton and Calgary in July. (Source: CBC)


Alberta faces “unprecedented disaster” as Omicron variant spreads rapidly

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is rapidly spreading in Canada and across the globe with a doubling time in Ontario of just 2.2-days, compared to 7-days doubling time for the record-breaking Delta variant in Alberta this past summer. 

According to University of Calgary researcher, Malgorzata Gasporwicz, who accurately predicted Alberta’s third and fourth COVID-19 waves, Alberta faces an “unprecedented disaster”


 “Omicron spreads faster in the vaccinated population with some public health measures in place than the original strain would spread without vaccines and without any measures.”

-Dr. Malgorzata Gasporwicz

Modelling shows Alberta is headed towards an "unprecedented disaster" if the Alberta Government doesn't bring in effective public health measures. (Source: Dr. Malgorzata Gasporwicz, University of Calgary).


According to the Ontario Science Table, early data from Denmark shows that the overall percentage of Omicron cases that required hospitalization is not lower compared to earlier strains--it’s actually higher.


Governments taking action around the world and in Canada--except Alberta

Governments across the globe are heeding the warnings from scientists and doctors. The Dutch are going into an emergency lockdown over Christmas closing non-essential shops, bars, gyms, hairdressers and other public venues until at least mid-January. In the UK, where London just logged the largest number of daily new infections since the coronavirus pandemic began, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared an “Omicron emergency” and set a target to deliver booster shots to everyone 18+ years of age by the end of December.

British PM Boris Johnson has announced plans to tackle the coming “tidal wave of Omicron”. (Source: BBC News)

In Ontario and Saskatchewan, the provincial governments have opened up the availability of booster shots to all adults 18+ years of age. Across Ontario, Manitoba, and BC, governments have announced new measures to fight the spread of the Omicron variant including capacity limits at restaurants, retail, bars, gyms and shopping malls.

Meanwhile, in Alberta, Jason Kenney and the UCP are loosening restrictions with a free for all for anti-vaxxers to gather indoors over the holidays. 


Backlog of surgeries now exceeds 80,000 after disastrous fourth wave in Alberta

Jason Kenney and the UCP created the conditions for Alberta’s record breaking third wave and disastrous fourth wave that all but collapsed Alberta’s healthcare system, and was so bad that it required military intervention in Alberta’s hospitals. Alberta now faces an unprecedented backlog of over 80,000 surgeries, due in large part to the provincial government’s gross negligence and mismanagement of the third and fourth waves of the pandemic. 

Jason Kenney is setting the stage for acceptance of another disastrous, uncontrolled COVID-19 wave in Alberta (Source: Twitter)


Premier Kenney and the UCP seem to be setting the stage for acceptance of an uncontrolled fifth wave, with recent comments suggesting that all Albertans will catch the Omicron variant. This kind of messaging is not only dangerous, but unacceptable. We must demand leadership, to show that this dire prediction is not acceptable and must not come to pass.

All Albertans suffer when our healthcare system is overwhelmed. We cannot afford another disastrous wave of COVID-19.


"Let it rip" is not an acceptable public health strategy.


The Alberta Government must take immediate action to protect Albertans against the Omicron variant, including:

1) Reverse the dangerous decision permitting a free for all for anti-vaxxers to gather indoors.

2) Prohibit all large indoor events including professional sporting events. Close bingos and casinos.

3) Re-implement reduced capacity limits on indoor restaurants and non-essential retail, coupled with financial support for businesses and individuals. 

4) Increase public PCR testing capacity and availability of free rapid take-home tests, immediately.

5) Provide N95 masks to all Albertans, especially teachers, students, frontline workers and the vulnerable.

6) Provide proper HEPA air filtration in classrooms and daycare settings across the province.



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