We work with community leaders to champion ideas for a better Calgary

Petition: Councillor Magliocca Must Resign

We've heard Councillor Magliocca apologize for misuse of taxpayers money before. Council sanctions are not enough. Ethics re-training and refreshers are not enough. Councillor Magliocca must resign.


YYC4Transit: It’s time to show our support for the Green Line

An anti-transit special interest group is trying to kill the Green Line. It's time for those of us who support, use, and need transit and the Green Line to stand together and make our voices heard.


Petition: Calgary needs more open streets to keep safe and healthy during the covid-19 pandemic

Show your support for the City of Calgary making more space for people walking, running, and cycling by signing this petition.



Petition: To flatten the curve, the province must provide Albertans experiencing homelessness with hotel rooms to self isolate

We call on the Government of Alberta to house Albertans experiencing homelessnes in otherwise empty hotels during the coronavirus pandemic. 



Petition: The Calgary Flames Owners Must Pay Their Workers

We call on the billionaire Flames owners, who have recently received nearly $300 million in public dollars, to do the right thing and pay their workers during the coronavirus pandemic like other NHL teams.