🏘️🚨McLean moves to gut Housing Strategy

(Image source: City News)

On Wednesday, Councillor Dan McLean, who has long opposed the Housing Strategy, announced a new Notice of Motion for a plebiscite intended to gut the Housing Strategy and delay the lifting of outdated exclusionary zoning policy that makes row homes and townhouses illegal in established neighbourhoods.


Suburban developers stand to benefit if Housing Strategy is gutted

Image source: Government of Alberta

Last year, Council courageously approved the Housing Strategy that will help Calgary avoid the affordability disasters we’ve seen play out in places like Vancouver and Toronto. The Housing Strategy takes big steps to increase non-market affordable housing in Calgary, and helps redevelop more homes within our existing footprint.

In short, it helps curb costly sprawl, build more affordably, while giving homeowners more freedom to make decisions about their properties' best use. Gutting or delaying the Housing Strategy would only benefit suburban developers.


McLean found in breach of Code of Conduct for golfing with suburban developers during Council meeting

Image of Councillor Dan McLean's Microsoft Teams video feed while skipping a public Council meeting to golf with suburban developers on July 26th, 2023. (Source: Jeremy Appel)

In January, the City's Integrity Commissioner found Councillor Dan McLean in violation of sections 9, 10, and 11, and in breach of sections 16 and 18 of the Code of Conduct for Elected Officials for attending and participating in the Shane Homes Golf Tournament during a public meeting of City Council.  


McLean voted against making suburban developers pay their fair share for new communities

City Council 10-5 vote approving greater off-site levies for developers. (Source: City of Calgary)

In January, Councillor McLean voted against measures to ensure developers pay their fair share of sprawl. If enough councillors had voted with Dan, Calgarians would be on the hook for additional $10's of millions in infrastructure for new communities.


McLean ignored calls for plebiscite on $1.2-billion subsidy to billionaire Flames owners

Cllr Dan McLean and Premier Danielle Smith celebrate the announcement of the $1.2-billion subsidy to build a new arena for the billionaire Flames owners.

Strangely, Cllr. McLean didn’t feel the need to hold a plebiscite or even a public hearing for the $1.2-billion deal to subsidize affordable housing for billionaires. Why does Dan now want to thwart affordable housing initiatives for everyday Calgarians?


City already planning more public hearings on Housing Strategy

Image source: Globe and Mail

City Council heard strong support for Housing Strategy during the marathon public hearing in September. Another public hearing is already planned for citizens to be heard again this April as the City moves ahead with the lifting of outdated exclusionary zoning policy that makes row homes and townhouses illegal in established neighbourhoods.


🏘️🚨We need your help!

We need your help to tell Calgary City Council to vote against gutting the Housing Strategy or delaying it with a costly plebiscite.

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