🥊HOUSING SMACKDOWN: Poilievre vs. McLean

We put Conservative Leader Pierre “Common Sense” Poilievre head to head on housing against Calgary Councillor (and PP fanboy) Dan “Gatekeeper” McLean

Who will “bring it home” for Calgary?

Pierre Poilievre knows municipal government “NIMBY gatekeepers” need to get out of the way and build housing

Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre astutely identified the “NIMBY gatekeepers” on municipal governments who are blocking Canadians from building housing in their cities and towns. In a 2022 video, pointing to a new six-plex, he decried municipal governments who drive up the costs of building new housing including “getting your approval, getting the zoning change, getting the permit, and paying all the fees directly to the city and to the many consultants you have to hire to get it done.” 

Poilievre’s 2022 video on housing laid out the Conservative Party plan to punish “gatekeeper” municipal councils that added unnecessary barriers to building more housing. (Source: Twitter)

In Poilievre’s Housing Plan last year he vowed to punish “gatekeepers” on city councils and said he would “build homes, not bureaucracy”. 

Shovels in the ground, keys in doors, and homes that you can afford. It’s just common sense.” he proclaimed in the National Post.

Now that Calgary City Council is set to vote on a policy to remove outdated zoning bureaucracy that currently makes duplexes and row homes illegal in established neighbourhoods as part of the City’s Housing Strategy, one of PP's biggest fanboys has vowed to play “gatekeeper” and vote against it.

Calgary’s most notorious gatekeeper, Councillor Dan McLean wants to maintain the costly bureaucracy and red tape around building duplexes and row homes

Shockingly, one of Poillievre’s biggest fanclub members, local Councillor Dan McLean, is also one of the most notorious housing “gatekeepers” on Calgary City Council.

In 2022, Dan McLean posted this photo of himself with Pierre Poilievre in his ward newsletter alongside his voting record opposing the very housing reform championed by Poilievre. 

He’s been called out by conservative pundits for trying to sneak a motion using “camouflaged pro-housing language” to delay pro-housing reforms and by Conservative MP Scott Aitchison for opposing Calgary’s Housing Strategy.

In January, the City's Integrity Commissioner found Councillor Dan McLean in violation of sections 9, 10, and 11, and in breach of sections 16 and 18 of the Code of Conduct for Elected Officials for attending and participating in a golf tournament hosted by suburban developers during a public meeting of City Council.  

Remarkably, Councillor McLean ignored public calls for a plebiscite on the $1.2-billion public subsidy to build affordable housing (arena) for the billionaire Calgary Flames owners, but tried to trigger a plebiscite to gut the Housing Strategy from delivering more housing for everyday Calgarians. 

🥊Will McLean step aside so we can build more homes?

🥊Will Poilievre stand up to Calgary’s most notorious housing gatekeeper?


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Outdated exclusionary zoning currently makes row homes like these illegal in most Calgary neighbourhoods. (Image source: Twitter)

We need your support again to ensure City Council takes action on implementing the Housing Strategy by removing outdated exclusionary zoning banning row homes and townhouses in established neighbourhoods by lending your voice at the public hearing on April 22nd.


1) 🗓️ Speak at the public hearing April 22nd

A public hearing on removing outdated exclusionary zoning banning row homes and townhomes will be held on April 22nd, 2024.

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