PLEDGE: Vote for City Council candidates that support responsible public health measures against COVID-19


Councillor who repeatedly votes against public health measures could be Calgary’s next mayor

Cllr. Jeromy Farkas has repeatedly voted against responsible public health protections for Calgarians.


According to polls, there is a very real possibility that Ward 11 Councillor Jeromy Farkas could be Calgary’s next mayor after the October 18th election. The councillor has voted repeatedly against Calgary’s mask bylaws put in place in the absence of provincial leadership, first amidst the surge of the second wave of the pandemic, then again during the third wave.


More recently, in his usual lockstep with Premier Jason Kenney, Councillor Farkas voted against Calgary’s new vaccine passport bylaw that essentially makes it mandatory for certain businesses to participate in the province’s vaccine passport system. 


With an irresponsible provincial government, Calgarians can’t afford an irresponsible mayor or city council 

As a result of the failure of Alberta’s Government, Alberta has the second-lowest rate of full COVID vaccination among Canadian provinces. Meanwhile, the preventable fourth wave of the pandemic is surging through the province filling hospitals, ICUs, with COVID patients forcing the mass cancellation of surgeries and cancer treatments across the province.


Alberta now has over 1,000 patients being treated for COVID-19 in hospitals, edging the province closer to activating the triage protocol that would dictate which patients receive and don’t receive critical-care treatment.


As of September 28, there were 1,300 new daily COVID cases in Alberta, 1,100 in hospital, 263 in ICU, 18 daily deaths and a test positivity of 11.4%.


Data from September 28, 2021 shows the effect of lifting all public safety restrictions on July 1st. (Source: CBC)



Data from September 28, 2021 shows the hospitalizations in Alberta climbing rapidly. (Source: CBC)


Data from September 22, 2021 shows Alberta's death toll from COVID is rising once again. (Source: CBC)

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