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UPDATE - July 12, 2021 - Green light for the Green Line, but opponents remain



UPDATE - May 18, 2021 - Surprise: Province finds no technical issues with the Green Line




The Green Line is under attack again by the same wealthy special interest group

The wealthy special interest group that tried to kill the Green Line to the North last June is at it again. (Source: Sprawl Calgary)


Last June, a wealthy special interest group tried to delay the Green Line. The project is the largest infrastructure project in Calgary’s history totalling $4.9-billion investment from the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta and the City of Calgary that will create 20,000 jobs and kickstart the city’s economy.


The group lobbied City Council and hired a boutique PR firm to spread misinformation about the project in an attempt to kill the critical LRT connection to the North. But thousands of Calgarians rallied together in support of the Green Line and City Council ultimately listened to the overwhelming majority of Calgarians who supported the project and voted 14-1 in favour of the Stage 1 alignment from 16 Avenue North to Shepard in the Southeast.


After they were defeated at City Council, the same special interest group that tried to kill the Green Line to the North is now trying to get the Alberta Government to gut and delay the project. This group is repeating the same old buffet of bad ideas and still providing zero evidence or analysis to back up their claims. 


The Green Line Stage 1 crosses the Bow River making the important foundational connection from 16 Avenue North to Shepard in the Southeast and was approved by City Council in June 2020.



Now the Alberta Government is delaying the promised provincial funding, costing Calgary delays, 20,000 jobs and $10’s of millions in extra costs

Unfortunately, at a time when Calgary’s economy could most use the $4.9-billion in investment and 20,000 jobs, the Alberta Transportation Minister Ric McIver is delaying the province’s promised $1.5-billion share of funding for the project. Parroting many of the same tired old accusations of the special interest group, Minister McIver has yet to present any evidence or analysis backing up his claims attacking the project. Delays to the project could cost tens of millions of dollars.

Green Line Project highlights. (Source: City of Calgary.)




For more info on the Green Line visit the City of Calgary's Green Line page>>.



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We call on the Alberta Government to support the approved Green Line Stage 1 alignment from 16 Avenue North to Shepard in the Southeast and stop delaying the promised provincial funding for the project so that construction can begin that will create 20,000 jobs and help revive Calgary’s economy.


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