Petition: Councillor Magliocca Must Resign

Forensic audit reveals pattern of misuse of public money

forensic audit by PircewaterhouseCoopers LLP into the expenses of Ward 2 City Councillor Joe Magliocca has revealed an alarming "pattern of behaviour, over a long period of time" uncovering the repeated misuse of taxpayer money and false reporting of expense statements by the Councillor.  The audit is now being handed over to Calgary Police for further investigation.

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Taxpayer dollars used for extravagant meals, alcohol, hotel and flight upgrades 

In January, a Calgary Herald investigation found that Councillor Magliocca had claimed significantly more than his colleagues who attended the event. Furthermore, numerous names included on Councillor Magliocca's travel expenses from a Quebec City conference said they did not dine with him, despite being named in his expense statements


The forensic audit into Councillor Joe Magliocca's expenses released this week now shows that $10,000 are still in question





Magliocca called on the City to "stop treating taxpayers like an ATM" while personally treating taxpayers like an ATM

In 2019, during City of Calgary budget deliberations, Councillor Magliocca called for the City to "stop treating taxpayers like an ATM" while he himself was personally treating taxpayers like an ATM, expensing thousands of dollars in meals, alcohol, hotel and flight upgrades. 


Councillor Magliocca called on the City of Calgary to "stop treating taxpayers like an ATM" while treating taxpayers like an ATM.



Council sanctions, ethics re-training and apologies are not enough

"Next time, I’m going to pay it out of my own pocket, even if I’m doing business"

-Councillor Magliocca, 2014


We've heard Councillor Magliocca apologize for misuse of taxpayers money before. Yet here we are again in 2020 and the Councillor continues to show disregard for public funds. Council sanctions are not enough. Ethics re-training and refreshers are not enough.


Councillor Magliocca must resign.



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Calgarians in Ward 2 deserve a City Councillor that can be trusted to not use taxpayer money to fund their personal junkets abroad.

Councillor Magliocca has irreparably broken the trust of Calgarians and must resign. 


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