PETITION: The Alberta Government must maintain basic public health safety measures to protect against the 4th COVID wave in Alberta

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UPDATE - Aug 13, 2021 - We fought. We Won. We're Not Done!


The Alberta Government is planning to remove the requirement for individuals who test positive for COVID-19 to isolate

The Alberta Government has announced plans to dismantle all COVID-19 protections on September 27th and put the province's most vulnerable populations at risk: children, the unvaccinated, students, and long-term care residents. This includes ending routine contact tracing, mass testing and shockingly the requirement for Albertans who contract COVID-19 to isolate. These changes are planned to take effect just as case numbers are growing faster than during the third wave, including the more infectious Delta variant. 


Alberta’s plan has been met with outrage from the public, medical experts and officials from across the country.

The 4th COVID wave in Alberta is already spreading faster than at the peak of the 3rd wave

Health and infectious disease experts are sounding the alarm that the virus is now spreading in Alberta at a rate even faster than the peak of the third wave. As of September 17, there were 2,039 new daily COVID cases in Alberta, 911 in hospital, 215 in ICU and a test positivity of 11.6%.


Data from September 17, 2021 shows the spread of new cases in Alberta skyrocketing. (Source: CBC)


Data from September 17, 2021 shows the effect of lifting all public safety restrictions on July 1st. (Source: CBC)


Data from September 17, 2021 shows the hospitalizations in Alberta climbing rapidly. (Source: CBC)



Data from September 17, 2021 shows the ICU occupancy in Alberta is over capacity and climbing sharply. (Source: CBC)


Data from September 17, 2021 shows Alberta's death toll from COVID is rising once again. (Source: CBC)

Without mandatory testing, COVID cases will go unidentified. Without mandatory quarantine, anyone who has COVID-19 can go to work, shop, eat at restaurants, attend events, and interact “normally” in our community. Without a masking rule, the highly-contagious delta variant will spread quickly, like it is doing in the UK and parts of the U.S.



Alberta’s plan to pretend that the pandemic is over is being panned by the public 

Hundreds of Albertans in Calgary and Edmonton recently took to the streets to protest the Alberta government’s attempt to cancel almost all COVID-19 public health measures. Albertans are protesting daily at noon at the Legislature in Edmonton and at the McDougal Centre in Calgary leading up to Jason Kenney’s planned removal of all public health safeguards against COVID on September 27th.




Officials from across the country have expressed bewilderment and outrage over the Alberta government’s decision to eliminate its final protections against COVID-19. Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi described Alberta’s plans as “the height of insanity” and warned that other provinces might start imposing travel restrictions on Alberta. The Globe and Mail Editorial Board bashed Alberta’s plan calling it a “dangerous experiment” putting on blinders in the face of worsening public health situation. 

With the return of unvaccinated children to classrooms in weeks, medical experts are calling Alberta’s removal of all COVID-19 safeguards “reckless and repugnant”

Infectious disease physicians are sounding the alarm that thousands of children under the age of 12 who are unable to receive vaccinations will be put at risk when they return to crowded classrooms in a few weeks. Health law experts predict that the end of legal requirements for people who test positive for COVID-19 to isolate will result in a “reckless waste of human life”. 


Canada’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Teresa Tam stressed that Albertans who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate and inform their close contacts, even if the Alberta government fails to do so.



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