🔔Last Call to Speak Up For Housing!

🎬 Public hearing entering final day(s)

We're almost through two weeks of public hearing on removing outdated zoning bylaws that currently make townhomes and row homes illegal in 67% of Calgary. This may be your last opportunity to speak up in support of rezoning before the hearing ends!

Calgary City Council has an important decision to make that has the potential to not just improve housing affordability in Calgary, but also benefit existing homeowners with more control over their properties, better neighbourhood amenities, and more housing options for the future.

The numbers don't lie. The graph below demonstrates how new multi-unit townhomes row-homes can help improve affordability in neighbourhoods where they are currently outlawed. 

Source: Ostap Fedynets, Urban Planner


🚨We need your help!

We need your support again to ensure City Council takes action on implementing the Housing Strategy by removing outdated exclusionary zoning banning row homes and townhouses in established neighbourhoods by lending your voice at the ongoing public hearing wrapping up any day now. 


1) 🗓️ Speak at the public hearing this week

A public hearing on removing outdated exclusionary zoning banning row homes and townhomes will be held on April 22nd, 2024 and likely extend over several days this week.

2) 📋 Share the petition of support

Encourage your friends and family to sign the Housing Strategy petition of support.

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