A record on Calgary mayoral candidate Jeromy Farkas compiled by community advocates in Councillor Farkas' Ward 11 constituency.


Would you hire someone without any apparent private-sector job experience to run a $4-billion dollar organization?

All Calgarians should have the right to see each candidate's credentials before making a decision on who to elect for Calgary's top job so Project Calgary pieced together Jeromy Farkas' résumé based on the information publicly available. 

Why is Farkas hiding his Manning Centre connections?


Before being elected to City Council as a politician in 2017, Jeromy worked at the Manning Centre, a Calgary-based political action committee (PAC). However, Farkas’ years of work at the controversial PAC are noticably absent from his campaign website. Is it time for Jeromy to come clean about the Manning Centre now that he's allegedly accepting fundraising from Preston Manning towards his election campaign?

6 Striking Similarities of Jason Kenney and Jeromy Farkas


Polls are showing there is a very real possibility that Ward 11 Councillor Jeromy Farkas could be Calgary’s next mayor after the October 18th election. We’ve compiled a list of 6 striking similarities between Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Calgary Mayoral Candidate Jeromy Farkas that begs the question: is Calgary prepared for a Mayor Kenney?