BREAKING: Province Releases Green Line Funding on the Condition of Coal Burning LRT Trains


April 1, 2021 - Just one day after the announcement that the Province's foot dragging on funding Calgary's Green Line LRT has now delayed the start of construction on the project past 2021, Alberta Minister of Transportation Ric McIver made the announcement that the Government of Alberta will finally be releasing their long delayed funding for the project on the surprise condition that the project use coal burning trains.


Transportation Minister announced new conditions for the provincial funding agreement for the Green Line LRT.


"We've taken the time to strike the right balance between the needs of Calgarians and the needs of the Australian coal companies that donated to the UCP," stated Minister McIver at the early morning press conference.


Energy Minister Sonya Savage took to the podium as well to speak about the importance of making the Green Line the world's first coal burning LRT. "Coal is an important part of Alberta's energy history, but today we're committing to be leaders in making it part of our future."


The Minister proposed that while the "woke industrialized world" is switching to renewable energy, the Green Line will provide a reliable customer for the new open pit coal mines planned on the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies.



Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage says a coal burning Green Line LRT will allow Calgary to transition off of 100% wind powered LRT.




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