Alberta Election Report Card

🗳️Alberta votes on Monday, May 29th

The Alberta provincial election is Monday, May 29th and polls show the outcome hinges on Calgary voters. Many traditional conservatives are lending their vote to Rachel Notley to stop Danielle Smith and her far-right Take Back Alberta coalition.

To make things easy, we've compiled a handy Calgary-centric election report card comparing Danielle Smith directly with Rachel Notley. 

Image Source: Edmonton Journal



Danielle Smith - UCP

Rachel Notley - NDP


❌Wants to privatize Calgary hospitals

Chased away doctors, nurses and healthcare workers

❌Created family doctor shortage

❌12+ hour wait times for emergency care

❌Wants to introduce user-pay health spending accounts

Ballooning wait times for blood work

Protect public healthcare

✅Will not require you to pay to see a doctor

Improve access to family doctors

Staff up Calgary’s new Cancer Centre


Controlled by far-right Take Back Alberta fringe group

Interfered with justice system to help far-right hate preacher

Sided with Russia in Ukraine invasion

Praised anti-abortion, anti-gay Florida Gov. DeSantis

Crossed the floor three weeks after saying she wouldn’t

Most trusted leader in Alberta

Endorsed by prominent Alberta conservatives


Most expensive auto insurance in Canada 

Higher electricity rates

❌Wants to force Albertans out of Canadian Pension Plan

❌Affordability rebates end immediately after election

Freeze and lower auto insurance rates

Lower and cap electricity rates

Protect Canadian Pension Plan for Albertans

✅$10/day daycare by 2024

📈Economic Recovery

Highest unemployment in Canada

❌Sovereignty Act will scare off investors

❌ Wants to waste $366M on a provincial police force to replace RCMP

❌$20B R-Star taxpayer-funded corporate bailout

Dismissed diversification as a “long-term luxury”

Economic plan created in collaboration with former ATB chief economist, Todd Hirsch

Freeze income taxes

Eliminate small business tax

Lowest corporate tax in Canada

Diversify Alberta's economy

🌇Downtown Revitalization

Opposed and delayed Green Line LRT for over 2 years

No funding for downtown revitalization

❌Bad deal billion dollar taxpayer subsidy for new Flames arena

✅Start Green Line North leg to 160 Ave North

✅Invest in Calgary’s Downtown Revitalization

Invest $200M in creation of Calgary downtown campus


❌Wants to defund public schools

Increased class sizes

❌33% post-secondary tuition increases since 2019

Eliminated summer student employment program 

Backwards new curriculum

Build 40 new schools in Calgary

Reduce class sizes

Rollback UCP tuition hikes


❌Kananaskis Park user fee

❌Tried to close 164 provincial parks

Scrap the UCP’s Kananaskis Park fee


❌Trying to remove restrictions on coal mining in the Rockies

Cut funding for firefighter training, closed 26 fire watchtowers, axed Alberta’s elite wildfire Rappel Team

✅Permanently ban coal mining in Rockies

Restore aerial firefighting teams

🚨Public Safety

Cut funding to Calgary Police

Selling off affordable housing to private businesses

Failed mental health and addictions policy


Restore municipal police and public safety funding

Build $205M in new affordable housing

Hire 150 new social workers


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  • Advance voting: Tuesday, May 23 - Saturday, May 27
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