Notley Commits to Fund Start of Work on Green Line North

Today in Calgary, Rachel Notley announced a commitment to fund the start of work on the Green Line North if elected to form Provincial Government on May 29th. This is huge news for residents in North Calgary, who have been promised LRT Rapid Transit along Centre Street for decades. If elected, this would bring the vision of a LRT line from the deep SE to North Central Calgary a big step closer to reality.


The Green Line Stage 1 crosses the Bow River making the important foundational connection from 16 Avenue North to Shepard in the Southeast and was approved by City Council in June 2020.


Green Line North along Centre St N (Source: City of Calgary).


UCP Delayed Green Line For Over 2 Years

Ric McIver, seen participating in event with controversial anti-gay hate preacher Artur Pawlowski. (Source: National Post)

The UCP and MLA Ric McIver spent most of the last four years opposing and undermining the project at every opportunity. Their political shenanigans have delayed the project by years and increased costs to taxpayers. To date, they have not made any commitments to ever complete the project.


Bringing the Green Line north of the Bow River

Under the UCP changes to the project, the Green Line Stage 1 was segmented into multiple phases. Phase 1, which is currently under construction, ends at Eau Claire. The UCP has still not committed to completing Phase 2 to take the Green Line North across the Bow River to 16 Avenue N.

The announcement by Rachel Notley to fund the North Segment of the Green Line to 160 Avenue N is an important commitment to ensuring north central communities see the Green Line soon.

Possible design concept for Green Line Bridge across the Bow River to North Central Calgary. (Source: City of Calgary)