Project Calgary Sends Open Letter to QuadReal

Local office manager sharing misleading messaging about 3rd Ave S cycle track

A local office manager at QuadReal’s Livingston Place and Jamieson Place offices in downtown Calgary is requesting tenants submit letters of opposition to the 3rd Ave South cycle track to the City. 

Messaging shared with tenants in QuadReal’s template letter inaccurately states that the cycle track has “added additional congestion”. An operational review of the cycle track by Bunt & Associates commissioned by the City of Calgary found that “while bicycle volumes have grown with the implementation of the Cycle Track, the number of cyclists has not increased to a level that impacts parkade operations.”

QuadReal is a wholly-owned company of the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI), the investment manager of numerous BC public sector pension funds. BCI has a Climate Action Plan with a stated intention to use their influence to drive actions aligned with their global goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and a sustainability policy with a commitment to “collaborate with cities to help create safe, desirable, and livable neighbourhoods”.

Project Calgary has sent an open letter to QuadReal's President of Canadian Real Estate and Chair of their Sustainability Committee urging them to withdraw their opposition to this “strategic investment” of the Downtown Strategy and instead collaborate with the City of Calgary to meet their shared climate objectives and make the downtown a more safe, desirable, and livable neighbourhood.


City announces plans for both interim and permanent cycle track on 3rd Ave South!

In a victory for Greater Downtown communities late last week, the City of Calgary announced it is now working on options for an interim cycle track on 3rd Avenue South. Exact plans will hinge on the outcome of the City's new short survey.

City Administration had last communicated on August 4th that they intended to remove the existing cycle track and would only consider a permanent cycle track after completion of the Green Line construction, which is not expected for several years.

The City has also apologized for "lack of communication" around the recent start of utility construction work currently underway on 3rd Ave S.

Hundreds of Calgarians rode together down 3rd Ave S August 25th as part of the Critical Mass YYC group ride.


There's still time to save the cycle track!

1) 📝 Take the City's short 3rd Ave S cycle track survey

The City will be using these results to inform their forthcoming plans for an interim 3rd Ave South cycle track. Survey closes September 11th.

2) 📋 Keep sharing the petition!

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