UCP Threatening to Not Fund Cost Overruns Caused By UCP

The Green Line is ready to start construction this year, unfortunately, the UCP Government is now suggesting they may not fund inflationary cost overruns exacerbated by their own government. We need your help to ask the UCP Government to stay onboard with the Green Line in support of Calgary and their own passenger rail vision for Alberta.


😍Green Line station designs revealed

Eau Claire station preliminary design released (Image source: City of Calgary)

The Green Line project has made significant headway over the last two years. The new low-floor LRT cars are soon to begin manufacturing, underground utilities along the line have been relocated throughout the inner city, and preliminary station designs have been completed. 

The City is on the cusp of awarding the contracts to begin construction this year on Phase 1 of the Green Line - a foundational 18 km segment from Eau Claire in downtown Calgary to Shepard in the southeast including 13 stations with connections to the Red and Blue LRT lines, and three MAX rapid transit routes. 

In its first year of operation, the Green Line will carry riders making 55,000 trips per day and provide direct access to 190,000 jobs in downtown, Quarry Park and southeast industrial areas. Future segments will connect communities along Centre Street north of the Bow River up to the airport and further southeast to the South Health Campus in Seton.

This Green Line, as first funded by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is essential to the future success of Calgary and the Alberta Government's provincial rail vision.


📈UCP threatening to not fund cost overruns caused by UCP

May 8, 2024 letter from Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors Devin Dreeshen to City of Calgary.

In a surprise letter to the City this spring, the UCP government suggested they might not fund inflationary cost overruns to the project despite the fact that it was the UCP government that forced an unnecessary two-year delay to the project at the onset of a period of high global inflation.




🤝Green Line needed for success of UCP’s provincial rail network vision

Alberta Government's vision for provincial passenger rail network (Image source: Government of Alberta)

The Alberta Government’s forthcoming rail master plan for Alberta will rely on the Green Line to connect Alberta’s largest city to the provincial rail network. Future provincial rail passengers arriving in Calgary shouldn’t be left stranded at the train station - that’s why the Alberta Government must stay onboard and help get the Green Line built. Any further delays will only mean we get less LRT for more money.