Report Card: Transit | 2023-2026 City Budget


In the proposed 2023-2026 City Budget, the Transit operating budget will see a marginal increase of approximately 2% per year. This amounts to a Transit budget freeze that may not even cover the rate of inflation.

Meanwhile, the proposed 2023-2026 budget for the Calgary Police Service will see an overall cumulative increase of $105-million over the four year period, a staggering sum that is 5 times the increase to the Transit budget. And the proposed 2023-2026 Streets budgets would divert $24-million in public funds from existing communities to build a new interchange and road widening to support future sprawl communities.


Rather than responding to Calgary's Climate Strategy, the City of Calgary 2023-2026 Budget proposes redirecting $24-million in public funds from existing communities to build the first phase of a new interchange and 6-lane roadway expansion at 144 Avenue NW (north of the ring road) to support future sprawl communities.


Grade: F


$26 Transit for Family of Four

Transit fares are set to increase by 11 per cent in the four-year budget plan, up to $4 for adults by 2026. This means that a family of 4 would spend $26.60 for a return trip. Surging transit fares are contrary to the public’s feedback that “Public transit should be affordable and accessible for all”.


Transit is key to climate goals

The Transit budget freeze flies in the face of Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration made only one year ago. 

Failing to meaningfully invest in transit service works against City Council’s approved Climate Plan, which states that  “[h]igh quality transit, walking and wheeling infrastructure and carpooling networks provide the backbone of a low carbon transportation system.” The Climate Plan states that the City is making progress to “expand investment in primary transit network service provision.” Based on the current 2023-2026 Transit budget freeze, this statement is incorrect.

Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra said: “The solution for transit in an age of climate change, in an age where we want to have more people riding more frequently and not just commuting once a day back and forth, is to run more buses and more trains”.


Calgarians Want Better Transit Service

What feedback did the City hear about transit? The 2023-2026 budget itself states that a top priority for Calgarians is providing more frequent transit service to be competitive with other modes of travel.


TAKE ACTION: We need your help to tell City Council to follow through on their commitment to make public transit a top priority 


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