Report Card: Police & Community Well-Being | 2023-2026 City Budget

The last four years have been unprecedented in the complexity, scale and velocity of social issues impacting the globe and our local community in Calgary. Issues related to systemic racism, social inequities exacerbated by COVID-19, crisis response, a rise in issues of addictions and drug poisonings, waning social connections and social unrest are all challenges the city faces.

Under the Social Programs and Servies budget, the City of Calgary funds an array of important and historically under resourced initiatives including:

Social Programs and Servies takes a holistic view of addressing complex problems and emerging issues that impact the social wellbeing of our community. These initiatives work for all Calgarians to create equitable outcomes, particularly for those experiencing vulnerabilities, by advancing strategies that improve social inclusion, reduce poverty, enhance safety, address mental health challenges and remove systemic racism.

In the proposed 2023-2026 City Budget, there are net cuts to Social Programs and Services (Community Strategies, Social ProgramsAffordable Housing, Neighbourhood Support)

Meanwhile, the proposed 2023-2026 budget for the Calgary Police Service will see a cumulative increase of $105-million over the four year budget period.


Grade: F


Budget Highlights


The proposed 2023-2026 operating budget for Community Strategies would see an increase of $66-million over the four year budget cycle.


The proposed 2023-2026 operating budget for Social Programs would see a reduction of $76-million over the four year budget cycle.


The proposed City of Calgary 2023-2026 Affordable Housing Capital Budget would see a $2.8-million increase over the 2023-2026 budget cycle. 


The proposed City of Calgary 2023-2026 Calgary Police Service Budget will see a cumulative increase of over $105-million in funding over the four year budget cycle. 



Calgary Crime on the decline since 2019

According to Statistics Canada, crime in Calgary has declined since 2019 across the board.

Crime severity index: ⬇ 22.7%

Violent crime severity index: ⬇ 2.9%

Non-violent crime severity index: ⬇ 29.0%


Calgary has the lowest crime rate of major cities in Western Canada

According to Statistics Canada, Calgary has the lowest Crime Severity Index of any Western Canadian city:

Crime Severity Index by city:

  • Calgary: 72.27
  • Vancouver: 81.64
  • Edmonton: 97.45
  • Saskatoon: 105.97
  • Regina: 110.93
  • Winnipeg: 113.55
  • Lethbridge: 128.65


Homelessness, mental health and addictions rates on the rise

According to local social agencies, the number of Calgarians experiencing homelessness has only increased this year. Meanwhile, the number of overdose deaths in Calgary is year over year on track to be higher than 2021 and could even reach the highest number of annual deaths to date.


Calgary Police Service in the News


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Note: A previous version of this report card incorrectly reported a decrease to the Community Strategies proposed operating budget from 2022 to 2026. The net decrease is to all of Social Programs and Services.