One Small Victory, but the Fight to Save the Green Line Has Just Begun!

The Green Line updated Stage 1 alignment cleared a major hurdle this week at the City’s Green Line Committee after a botched 11th hour attempt by some city councillors to slash LRT to North Central communities on Centre Street from the project.


Latest concept rendering of potential Green Line LRT bridge over the Bow River to Centre Street North communities. (Source: City of Calgary)


Majority of Calgarians Came Out In Support of the Green Line

In spite of a concerted effort by a small, wealthy and well-connected special interest group who held a private fundraiser at the Petroleum Club, hired a boutique PR firm to spend thousands of dollars spamming the internet with anti-Green Line misinformation, the majority of Calgarians who came out to speak at the public hearing were in favour of the project.


We Delivered Your Message!

On behalf of the 1,000+ Calgarians who have signed our petition, we delivered the message of support for the Green Line to the City’s Green Line Committee this week including a map of our support all across the city, especially in North Central communities.

Map of Calgarians from across the city who have signed our petition in support of building the Green Line.

Our Momentum is Building

Our momentum continues to build towards the critical June 15th Council vote as more than a thousand Calgarians have signed our petition in support of the Green Line. Online, Calgarians are updating their profile photos with our stylish Twibbon and sharing selfies with the tablet-ready, easy-to-print “We Support the Green Line” sign, all available for download in our handy DIY Support Toolkit.



Councillor Jeff Davison’s Botched Attempt to Gut the Green Line

Councillor Jeff Davison, whose ward is already served by LRT, has made an 11th hour pitch to kill LRT to the North. (Source: Calgary Herald)

After years of thoughtful planning and public engagement involving the input from tens of thousands of Calgarians to arrive at the updated Stage 1 alignment, Councillor Jeff Davison announced a surprise 11th hour pitch to cave to the demands from a small, special interest group that wants to gut the Green Line, jeopardizing the future of LRT to North Central communities on Centre Street.


The updated Stage 1 alignment will bring LRT to the North from 16 Avenue to Shephard and enhanced BRT service up to 160 Ave N. (Source: City of Calgary)

Councillors Planning Delay Tactics on North Central LRT

Councillor Davison, Gondek, Sutherland and Colley-Urqhart have already submitted amendments to be considered by Council on June 15th, revealing their plans to further delay LRT to North Central communities and risking the future of LRT ever reaching Centre Street North.


BRT service on Centre Street N is already overcapacity. Their plan to indefinitely delay the North LRT doesn't save any money and leaves an estimated 10,000/day riders without LRT access in the North. The time is now to build the LRT.


Centre Street N BRT service is already running overcapacity during peak hours. North Central communities are ready for upgrade to LRT.  (City of Calgary Traffic Cam)


Delaying is Just Another Way to Kill LRT to the North

North Central communities have been waiting for LRT for decades. In the words of Councillor Jeff Davison when he passionately championed for the City to publicly fund a new arena for the for-profit Calgary Flames ownership less than a year ago:

“And, let’s be honest, those calling for delay are only interested in killing the deal. It’s the same tactic used by pipeline opponents, and we should be under no illusion about their agenda.”

-Councillor Jeff Davison, July 2019

We have an unprecedented opportunity with $3 billion in investment on the table from the federal and provincial governments. Delaying the fully-funded Green Line to the North Central communities risks killing much-needed LRT to the north.


For more info on the Green Line visit the City of Calgary's Green Line engagement page>>.