City Council Must Say ‘No’ to Subsidizing 11 New Communities in 2022

The City of Calgary is already subsidizing the buildout of 41 new communities. Adding 11 additional new communities would cost taxpayers a further $23-million annually in operating costs, equivalent to a 1.5% tax increase. (Image Source: CBC)


Vote to subsidize 11 new communities coming back to Council in 2022

The vote to subsidize 11 new communities to the tune of $23-million annually will be coming back to Calgary’s next City Council in 2022. After a wave of public outcry in November 2020, City Council followed Administration’s recommendation and voted to reject all 11 applications given the oversupply of housing on the market due to the 41 new communities already approved for development. Council did, however, invite all the applicants to re-apply after the upcoming October 18th municipal election in 2022.


11 new communities would cost taxpayers additional $23-million annually

Adding 11 additional new communities would cost taxpayers a further $23-million annually in operating costs, the equivalent of a 1.5% tax increase


Suburban developers will be asking the next City Council to approve and subsidize 11 more new communities in 2022.


Spiralling cost of previous 14 new communities approved in summer 2018 estimated at upwards of $57-million

In July 2018, Calgary City Council approved 14 new communities on the city's outskirts despite recommendations from City Administrators to only approve eight. But the housing market demand forecast by the developers never materialized leaving taxpayers with a whopping tab upwards of $57-million to cover the operating costs. 

The Calgary Firefighters Association has warned City Council against approving more new communities because the city continues to spread out further and further while the fire department’s budget shrinks. Adding new communities continues to spread important services like the Fire Department thinner and thinner to the detriment of existing communities.

The 41 new communities already approved by Council are anticipated to provide enough capacity to fill demand for new single-family homes to at least 2032 and multi-unit homes to 2036.

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3. Vote for City Council candidates that will say 'no' to more sprawl subsidies

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