LEAKED: 3rd Ave Survey Results Show Huge Success!

City Admin still withholding results of last survey - so we're leaking them!

After the launch of the petition to Save 3rd Ave S Cycle Track, City Admin rushed out an online survey (oddly hosted on this totally legit esurveypro.com site as opposed to the City's standard Engage platform) asking a number of open ended questions and unofficially renaming the "3rd Avenue South Walking and Wheeling Upgrades" project (as it's named in the Downtown Strategy) to the downgraded status of "3 Avenue temporary detour".

City of Calgary sandwich boards advertise a new survey while the results of the last public survey remain withheld.


What's peculiar about the new survey is that City Administration already completed a comprehensive operational review and public feedback survey for 3rd Avenue upgrades from Fall 2021 to Fall 2022 but has yet to release the results publicly. Fortunately, Project Calgary has obtained the full report through Freedom of Information (FOI) request and is leaking the results to citizens who have a right to know.


LEAKED: Majority of people walking, wheeling, and driving were satisfied with the upgrade


LEAKED: Majority of people walking, wheeling, and driving felt safe after the upgrades

LEAKED: 6x increase in people cycling, 1.2x increase in people scooting in first year alone

LEAKED: Increase in visits to 3rd Ave S by people wheeling, walking and driving


The City's last survey shows 3rd Ave S Walking and Wheeling Upgrades were a huge success

So why is City Admin still withholding the results?

🤓Read the leaked report




Mayor Gondek must defend the Downtown Strategy (and Climate Strategy)!

It's been 9 weeks since we emailed Mayor Gondek on behalf of dozens of Downtown organizations asking her to defend the Downtown Strategy. We still don't have an answer.


There's still time to save the cycle track!

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