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Calgary City Council approved a Centre City Cycle Track pilot network on April 28, 2014. A cycle track is a bike lane protected by a physical barrier from moving cars, parked cars and sidewalks. The pilot network consists of cycle tracks on 12th Avenue South, 5th Street SW and a portion of 9th Avenue SE. The Stephen Avenue Mall will become a two-way bicycle and pedestrian shared space. There is an existing cycle track on 7th Street and a separate proposal for cycling infrastructure on 8th Street SW.

Extensive public consultation continues to help shape the network, focusing on local residents and businesses. The pilot will look at how cycle tracks fit with the existing transportation network. Walking, cycling, transit and driving will be monitored. After monitoring the pilot for one year, Council will make a final decision regarding the cycle track network.

For more information, check out the City of Calgary’s Cycle Track Network website.


Final Report on Cycle Track Network is now complete!

View the full summary of the City's Comprehensive Centre City Cycle Track Pilot Report


Downtown bicycle trips increased by over 40% after the Cycle Track Network was opened. It continues to climb today in spite of record high office vacancy downtown and the subsequent plummeting transit ridership.





Data collection

Bicycle counts are available for each of the cycle track routes, as well as Stephen Avenue and the Peace Bridge.



Explore Calgary's Bike Network

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