👀The World Is Watching, Alberta📰

New York Times reports on Alberta's possible "hard-right turn"

On the eve of Monday's provincial election in Alberta, the world is watching to see whether Alberta will take a hard-right turn and hand over control of our province to far-right extremists.

"Led by someone who compared people vaccinated against Covid-19 to Nazi supporters, Alberta’s conservative party has moved so far right since the pandemic that it has created an opening for the left-leaning New Democratic Party to win control of the province."

-New York Times  (May 26, 2023)

Monday's election is an opportunity for Albertans to send a message to the world that we are not going to be a province run by intolerant, far-right conspiracy theorists but rather a welcoming province with a forward looking and inclusive vision for the future.


Nenshi's first ever political endorsement: Notley

Former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is endorsing Rachel Notley for Premier this election. His thoughtful endorsement is a must read for Calgarians of all stripes.

Former Calgary Mayor endorses Rachel Notley for Premier on May 26th, 2023.


The fate of this election hinges on Calgary!

Polls show the outcome of this election hinges on Calgary voters and is too close to call. More than ever, every vote will count. Many traditional conservatives are lending their vote to Rachel Notley to stop Danielle Smith and her dangerous far-right Take Back Alberta coalition.

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