Enough Is Enough UCP Protest

⚡Join us for a day of action

This Saturday, we encourage you to join your fellow Albertans for a day of protest across the province to push back against the incompetent and corrupt UCP government.

Invite your friends and family. For more info visit enoughisenoughucp.ca.


🗑️ The UCP is failing Albertans

Danielle Smith's agenda is now dictated by the far-right Take Back Alberta group. (Image source: CBC News)

Since the takeover of the UCP by the far-right social conservative Take Back Alberta group the priorities of Premier Smith’s UCP Government have shifted to a dumpster full of unpopular policies Smith never campaigned on including stealing pensions, creating a redundant provincial police force, attacking the rights of transgender youth, restricting sex education in classrooms, forcing incarceration on Albertans experiencing homelessness, open pit coal mining the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, clearcutting Kananaskis, banning renewable energy. Alberta's once world-leading health care system is being dismantled into silos to privatize and sell off to UCP cronies. 

Bills 18, 20, 21 are an unprecedented power grab to kill local democracy in Alberta by giving the provincial government the power to overturn local bylaws, dismiss local councillors, take over emergency management, delay the next provincial election five months, and force provincial political parties on Calgary and Edmonton despite opposition by 70% of Albertans.

In Calgary, the UCP is once again threatening to undermine the Green Line LRT project after delaying it for 2+ years.