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Alberta healthcare is in “critical system-wide crisis”

This week, 190 Alberta emergency room doctors sounded the alarm in an open letter detailing how Alberta emergency rooms are “collapsing” as a direct result of poor government policies. During the last four years of UCP government, healthcare workers have been under attack, including pay cuts and mandated overtime, driving shortages of family doctors and nurses as they flee the province or leave the practice. New family doctors are now avoiding the province altogether. ER wait times for patients are frequently over 15 hours.


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Image source: CBC


Healthcare workers have had your back throughout the pandemic

The UCP and former health minister Tyler Shandro have proven themselves disastrously incompetent at managing Alberta’s healthcare system. Danielle Smith refuses to acknowledge a healthcare crisis even exists. Her long history promoting private healthcare is well documented. She cannot be trusted. We need a new government to repair and restore our public healthcare system. No matter how you may have voted in the past, healthcare workers are counting on you to elect a new government to help fix this mess so that they can be there when you need them.

Now healthcare workers need YOUR vote!

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Polls show the outcome of this election hinges on Calgary voters. Many traditional conservatives are lending their vote to Rachel Notley to stop Danielle Smith and her dangerous far-right Take Back Alberta coalition.