Send Council a Message at Budget: Defund the Police and Fund Our Communities

City Hall, November 2020. Photo credit: Jon Yee


On November 3, 2020, Council voted to consider reallocation of 5% of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) budget to fund a new Community Safety Investment Framework. Four days later on November 7, 2020, the CPS tried to reduce its commitment to reallocation of the police budget to only 1.25%. We must keep the pressure on the CPS and Council and keep their promise to reallocate the police budget. 

From November 23 to 27, 2020, Council will debate and vote on adjustments to the City’s budget. There will be a public hearing on November 23, where Council will hear from the public on the budget. You can also submit written comments about the budget to Council starting now.


What do I say? 

The Defund2Fund Coalition is seeking a reduction to the CPS budget, to be reallocated throughout our communities, to rebuild trust, and to rectify systemic barriers in the financial capacity of Black, Indigenous, other racialized communities and  2SLGBTQ+ people. Defund2Fund have published more than twelve blogs explaining why defunding the police is critical right now and identifying community programs that need funding.

You are welcome to share your own thoughts on why it is important that Council defund the police and reallocate the funding to our communities. We often get questions about where the reallocated funding should go. We recommend reviewing this blog post or this one to get inspired on the possibilities - or think up your own!

Defund2Fund suggests the following key messages for our supporters’ budget submissions to Council (more information on key messages):

1. The police must reallocate at least 5% of their budget - Council must direct the Calgary Police Service to reallocate at least 5% of their current 2020 budget to communities, as approved by Council on November 3.

2. The police must keep their promise to reallocate their existing 2020 budget - The Calgary Police Service must keep their promise to reallocate a portion of their current $401 million budget, and not simply forgo future budget increases.

3. The police must tell us how they spend our money - The Calgary Police Service must be more transparent and release their itemized line-by-line budget. 


How do I share my thoughts with Council?

Click this link to send an email and register to speak and/or submit comments to Council. 

You can customize your comments in your email, attach a document, or just hit send to submit Defund2Fund's key messages and request. It only takes 30 seconds! If you want to submit comments but not speak, change "Request to speak and submit comment" to "Request to submit comment" in the email. If you are having issues with the link above, you can email [email protected] or use the City's online form.

After you register to speak, the City Clerk’s Office will email you instructions for phoning in to speak to Council, or attending in person. You will have 5 minutes to speak. Council may ask you questions after you speak. If you just signed up to submit a comment, you're done after you send the email.


What do I do on Public Hearing day?

  • Watch the meeting live at to follow along with the discussion.
  • The Mayor will “open the public hearing” when it is time.
  • Phone the number and enter the meeting ID Clerks provided you, and follow the instructions.
  • The Mayor will call your name when it is your turn to speak.


We Need Your Help!

You can help effect change for safer communities in Calgary.

1. Sign the petition

Add your name to the list of supporters for reallocating a portion of the Calgary Police Service budget to reinvest in our communities.

2. Present to Calgary City Council on November 23rd

Register to speak to Calgary City Council in support of reallocation of CPS funds on November 23.

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