This Essential Documentary Tells the Story of Brutality in the Calgary Police Service

Defunding the Police is not a radical concept. It is an acknowledgment of the role police play in the trauma of marginalized communities. Proof of this trauma is easily found in the CBC documentary Above The Law, airing now on CBC Gem.

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In this powerful documentary, film makers Marc Serpa Francoeur & Robinder Uppal lay bare multiple stories of trauma at the hands of the CPS. Perhaps the most high profile incident portrayed in the film is the miscarriage of justice suffered by Godfred Addai. He not only taken on a Starlight Tour and stranded on streets far from home on December 28, 2013, but was also further brutalized by Const.Trevor Lindsay. Responding to a 911 call from Mr. Addai, Const. Linsday brutalized him, kicking and dragging him across the cold ground in the dead of night. This was all captured by police helicopter video. 

Nothing was done to stop this violence. 

No charges were placed on Lindsay, and Mr. Addai’s formal complaint about the incident has, to date, gone unanswered.

This Story Was Caught on Tape. Imagine Those that Go Unrecorded

Despite being recorded on camera, Lindsey remained on the force after this violent interaction. As reconted in Above the Law, he then went on to assault and traumatize another man, Daniel Haworth, fracturing his skull. Resulting in a brain injury, all the while on the job, wearing a CPS uniform. Hawthorn’s assault, like Addai’s, was caught on camera.


Godfred Addai is still waiting for Justice

Commentary from Godfred Addai’s Lawyer 

Trevor Lindsay was found guilty of aggravated assault for the Hawthorn incident. Due to these criminal proceedings and an inquiry into Addai’s complaint, the Calgary Police Service delayed their disciplinary hearings relating to both the Addai and Hawthorn assaults. However, Lindsay resigned from the CPS before these hearings could be scheduled. He has never formally been disciplined by these service for this misconduct. His record as a police officer will remain clean.

Mr. Lindsay was not the only police officer to have resigned in 2020 to avoid the consequences of a disciplinary hearing.

Please share this blog post, and Marc Serpa Francoeur & Robinder Uppal’s powerful work. Their work - and the police actions it exposes - is one more reason why we seek to Defund the Police.


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