Snapshot of COVID crisis in Alberta - Feb 7, 2022

Image source: National Post


💉 Vaccine doses administered in Alberta:  8,345,443 (74.4% of population with two doses)

🚛💉 Vaccinated Canadian truckers: >180,000 (90% of total)

🚑 Backlog of surgeries in Alberta delayed due to COVID: >80,000

📋 Albertans who have signed our petitions (#1, #2, #3) calling on the Alberta Government to implement public health measures against COVID: 19,713

⚰️ Albertans who have died of COVID: 3,634

🏥 Albertans currently hospitalized or in ICU with COVID: 1,702

✉️🔥 Emails individually written and sent to Alberta MLAs inboxes calling for #REPnotRip this past weekend: 500+

👶Infants hospitalized with COVID in Alberta in the last 5 weeks: 103

🚛 Trucks illegally blocking Alberta's primary border crossing at Coutts: 80

🤠Calgary MLAs who hold the balance of power to maintain the Restrictions Exemption Program (Vaccine Passport) and public health protections on the UCP Government cabinet's priorities implementation committee: 6

🍎Grocery stores in Alberta with a food shortage: 0