Report Card: Active Modes | 2023-2026 City Budget

All communities in Calgary should have access to safe cycling and active mobility infrastructure. 

Despite clear policy set by past and present City Councils that calls for the construction of more safe cycling and active mobility infrastructure including the Cycling Strategy (2011), the Pedestrian Strategy (2016), the Calgary Transportation Plan (2020), and the new Climate Strategy (2022), the proposed 2023-2026 City Budget completely fails to move the needle to actually fund any new infrastructure. 


According to the 2022 City of Calgary Climate Strategy, 34% of Calgary’s GHG emissions are from transportation. But rather than a forward-looking budget for a better connected, less carbon intensive city, the 2023-2026 Budget looks more like an expensive, sprawl-driven, car-centric plan resurrected from the previous century. 

Grade: F

The proposed City of Calgary 2023-2026 Streets Budget allocates just $1.4-million (<0.5%) of $308.6-million new capital requests to active modes infrastructure. 


Highlights: City proposes slashing new capital funding for Active Modes infrastructure

  • Less than 0.5% of new capital funding in the proposed Streets budget is allocated for construction of new active modes infrastructure.
  • Proposed slashing funding for new active modes infrastructure by ⬇️83% in the Sidewalks & Pathway and Streets budgets (from $35.5-million in 2019-2022 to $6.1-million in 2023-2026).
  • The proposed funding over the next four years would not even fund the city’s small 2013 cycle track network pilot project in today's dollars.


Highlights: Proposed 2023-2026 New Capital Funding for Cars - $307.2-million

  • Sound Wall Replacement: $6.0-million | ⬆️ 203%
  • Traffic Signals: $30.8-million | ⬆️ 17%
  • Major Road Reconstruction: $21.6-million | ⬆️ 35%
  • Road Repaving: $71-million ⬆️ 33%
  • Major Sprawl Infrastructure: 144 Ave/Nose Creek - Phase 1 - Suburban interchange and 6-lane road expansion - $24.0-million


Rather than responding to Calgary's Climate Strategy, the City of Calgary 2023-2026 Budget proposes redirecting $24-million in public funds from existing communities to build a new interchange and 6-lane roadway expansion at 144 Avenue NW (north of the ring road) to support future sprawl communities.


TAKE ACTION: We need your help to tell City Council to keep public funds in existing communities!

For less than the cost of two new interchanges for new sprawl communities, the City of Edmonton is planning to build over 100km of bike lanes over the next four years. Calgararians shouldn’t be left behind. We support Climate Hub’s plan for the City to fund at least 100 km of new bike lanes, which are Always Available for All Ages and Abilities (5A).


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